by placing the spork in the spoons slot of the silverware drawer rather than the forks slot, we reproduce the European patriarchal trope of marking as feminine that which cannot readily be categorized, and thus Othering it. it is also notable that the fork penetrates, while the spoon is receptive, and the spork is not regarded as being in the same category as the fork despite sharing its penetrative capacity. in this paper

i'm joining the culture war on the side of war

I had a dream I tooted something really profound about doughnuts but idk what any more 😞

four more chair ties also my room lmao 

ok time to leave this here for like several days 🤪

chair tie and my inspo (inspo pic has blurred instagram-approved nipples lol) 

im learning!!!!!

one more day of work:) woke up feeling good:) date night tonight watching a bad 00's romcom:) up early tomorrow morning to watch a rope scene:) scheduled a tattoo:) clothing shopping day w a friend coming up:) some rope practice sessions:) already made food and cleaned my room recently:)



@shale ok but perhaps they are focused on animating more important things @bp back me up here

@shale what do you mean it behaves differently? have you tried disciplining it?

grocery store consistently out of the Most Pulp orange juice, aka the only good one. Pulp Crisis in joe brandon's america

self tie on leg, my room 

cant sleep and thinking about rope lol

i like the feel of this and i think it's quick/looks decent. good as a floor tie or in a light partial suspension.

rough instructions in alt text

@shale reminds me of "I dont own my house, i have a mortgage!!!"

OTACON: but...! as a man? you'd smoke the weed... of another man!? from the very tip... of his pen??
SNAKE: hnngg... otacon... in this world, it's vape or be vaped. do you understand what i'm saying? sometimes... the pen a man chooses to suck... is his only grasp of immortality. the very mechanism by which his genes may be passed on... not through the crude mechanisms of reproductive biology... but through the pure form of 420 memes...
OTACON: ohhhhhhhhh snAaaaaake.....

lewd, kink, seattlepol, biphobia, profoundly cursed
Savage Love Advice

Dear Dan Savage: My (43M) nonbinary themdom (19AFAB) is sexually humiliating me by reporting me for dental malpractice to the various professional associations of which I am a member. I find this incredibly hot, but the lost income is endangering my ownership of 11 massively over-leveraged income properties. What should I do?

Dan Savage: First off, it's never OK for men to be bisexual. But in your case,

@kniferoomba i turn autocorrect off so people alwaus get to see the real me:)

it should be called the "Emergency Building". it has several rooms

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