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losties have yet to encounter a problem that can't be solved by getting yet another batch of dynamite from the black rock

nvidia board of directors

"we're selling shovels in a gold rush"

"we're enumerating infinities for the epistemic hyperwar"

question for electronic musicians of fediverse:

what USB interfaces do you use for recording synths? are scarletts still popular? i don't really need a preamp.

there is not, but if there were, it would be a good thing

man is a shambling superorganism composed of microplastics and microfascisms held together by chatGPT

Redose (goblin style) Reuse (pronoune), Recycle ( memes)

any fascist femboys, savant swordsmen, or troubled transmascs wanna join my militia? it's called the band of the glock

question for the marxists out there: what do you call it when people in highly cartelized, status/credential- hoarding, labor-aristocratic / petite bourg- aspirant professions (doctors, lawyers, engineers, etc.) start experiencing precarity and market discipline?

is there a better term for this than proletarianization?

i am a tiny cat. i'm an immense opossum.

*someone makes a jojo reference* oh you suck dick with that mouth?

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i'm joining the culture war on the side of war

i'm an anarchist without adjectives. trans without gender. psycho without analysis-

you *clutching me in the hand of ur giant robot* I DONT UNDERSTAND

me *serenely* i love you. pls kill me

god gives his toughest jobs to his largest trash

OTACON: but...! as a man? you'd smoke the weed... of another man!? from the very tip... of his pen??
SNAKE: hnngg... otacon... in this world, it's vape or be vaped. do you understand what i'm saying? sometimes... the pen a man chooses to suck... is his only grasp of immortality. the very mechanism by which his genes may be passed on... not through the crude mechanisms of reproductive biology... but through the pure form of 420 memes...
OTACON: ohhhhhhhhh snAaaaaake.....

whenever theo tuckers themself out doing psychic warfare and wakes up a week later to 20 new characters they get grumpy and start calling everyone cops

need a girl with a short COVID and a loooooong florida

saw some turrell apple store ass light boxes immediately afterwards so now i'm feeling more generous to hole-crying art.

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