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if you factor in the bay12 forums, wiki, etc. then dwarf fortress becomes a game about struggling against adversarial systems by compiling collective knowledge about their inner workings and developing strategies to hack them, building towards solutions that will always be partial and incomplete as long as the developers keep expanding the game and modifying systems in response.

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finally, the record of each player's journey -- the familiar beats that structure the rise and fall of a generic Dwarf Fortress plus the singularity born of their personal struggles and unique encounters -- produces it's own little walking simulator to experience in adventure mode. from every Boatmurdered let a thousand Gone Homes bloom. dorf fort was the first strand-type game :]

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many in-game systems are adversarial, but "losing is fun!" you can deconstruct these systems & the artifacts and events they produce in context of the game's own historical simulation, but the constantly-mutating ontology that remains absurdly detailed in some areas and pragmatically general in others produces events that are both generic (another fortress lost to flooding...) and specific & personal (my dwarf blorbo has trauuma).

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thread about dwarf fortress

back in the pre-gamergate days when i thought i could make computer art that would do communism or whatever i was especially fascinated by dorf fort cause it seemed to function according to a different logic than the personal journey artgame, clever "deconstruction" game, AND adversarial fuck-you game models popular in the indie scene at the time -- despite having superficial characteristics of all three.

everyone reads Parable of the Sower but don't forget about its sequels, Parable of the Grower and Parable of the Shower

dark, the absence of light. souls, the essence of life itself. when these are combined you get what some have called a video game

our dwarf baby has PTSD and needs alcohol to get through a hard day of playing make-believe

traders showed up with bags of possum leather :((

unmet need: socialize
unmet need: fight
unmet need: cause trouble
unmet need: be extravagant
unmet need: think abstractly

everybody came inside the temple of the Mean Woman as soon as our dwarves finished building it

frontiers is the serious sam of sonic games

you're adorabloodthirsty
i'm optimiserable
we are the same

weed: $69
ammunition: $420
xenococks: $999999
my cat girl militia is dying

women seem wicked
when you're a meow meow
faces look ugly
nya~ meow meow meow

did you know that sleep isn't just a preferable form of consciousness, but can actually help you look and feel better?

twitter should verify you as a bluepill or a redpill or a greypill (🧠) based on what type of racist you are. then the different pill-tribes can fight for territory like /r/place lol wouldn't that be so epic

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