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the nice monk feeds me a bug in the blood temple. i suppress my feverish anti-theism and give him some moss (businessmander mindset). he says davekats don't do drugs. yawn.

everytime i go to russia and iran i have a sweet little bromance and receive kisses from the bad men

elite pounded in my cosmopolitan butt by the decadent gym leaders

when im small and wet and scared and u pick me up and lift me over your head and hurl me into the bin, i'm elevated horror and ur john carpenter

people reaching into garbage disposals compilation 2022 (try not to cum!)

your Ranch disorder's gonna be the new lead item on the coconut Internet

lost season 2 

ana lucia is such a perfect representation of cop mindset i'm so mad every time she's on screen 😂 the only thing she respects is violence and she doesn't even see the people she's supposedly saved as human-- only mr eko, because he can also do violence. but she doesn't understand why he's judicious about it

overheard: "very political family, so guy had two wives. one's the political pitbull, ones like the mom i guess. very interesting."

the territory of psywar is memory. media are maps of the territory. when we're amputated from history, we haunt each other's dreams. that makes culture the nightmare frontier -- an illegible map to inexpressible treasure. phantoms circling the drain of objectivity. we haven't even realized we're dead. that's the first step -- to ascend, we must become conscious of the structure. start outlining the bodies with chalk. what have we forgotten?

shoutout to @kniferoomba for freestyling a timeless classic of Hephaestan cinema, "The Presence of a Guy"

i'm not a wandering slave, i am a meow meow of choice

i'm michael myers and i crawl out of your CRT (covered in nintendy stickers, you sick fuck) humming john carpenter's greatest hits. wyd?

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