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abandon all orgone ye who enter here

how many of obamna's 33 million documents pertain to my rancid hog? how many of brandon's pertain to soda?

i got two werds fer you. clown. pussy.

me and the boys trying to sneak across the colorado-utah border in 2035

more like legend of the galactic faggots am i right

rolling up to my shift at the brighttender comfyqueer burnshit fuckschool factory like


it's been 15 years since i secluded myself to ply the spirit of the depths for the correct left organizational form. now i step up to the podium at the Global Marxist Leadership Forum to offer my wisdom:

"what if we started a political cult to exploit the labor of marginalized people and students..."

- the crowd bates its breath -

"... but we *didn't* do sex crimes?"

crowd loses its shit and drops banners of my face next to lenin and mao. i leap into the arms of my childlike praetorian guard

🎶 the sticks smash on the flatbed
boys tour the town victorious in war
the sticks smash on the flatbed
boys on the ball 🎶

i've evolved to breathe cash money through my skin, water just doesn't do the trick anymore

infected mushroom is a universal constant

Alan Greenspan Theophrastus XIV Nights at Freddy's LV

i think if i ever did a cop media i would try to do something in the direction of, cops are irredeemable and must be annihilated but are ALSO people and thats the horror

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what if Cops were People??
disco elysium: hold my beer

patlabor 2 is fantastic idk how i slept on it for so long thank you @junebug

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