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when i see a new future-of-online dEcEnTrAlIzEd protocol whatever that puts "anti-censorship pro-freedom" among its "features" i've learned to just stop reading. tell me how your system enables better and never-before-seen types of censorship. tell me how it spits on the freedoms of private property. tell me how it's a weapon.

*standing perfectly still for 10 minutes taking 100000 punches from 100 identical dudes*

oh shit-- sorry guys, i thought this was a cutscene

two suicidal podcasters walk into a bar.
"so how you doin' today?"
"oh i'm doin' pretty well, yourself?"

would you like a "Moog Grandmother Semi-Modular Analog Keyboard Synthesizer" ($1,149.00) with your "Cup Noodles" ($0.79)?

josh biblen and the corona dribbling

if anyone wants to have a psychotic episode try hitting a dab and watching the first 3 episodes of kino's journey. tell the cat cult bellicose sent you

i think my concept of "revolutionary art" is work produced by a community where the primary "audience" and subject is also that community. art that people make together to better understand some material system or as part of a collective process of healing. or maybe even art that functions as an invitation to be in community with others. even if there is a tangible artifact (a book, a film, etc.) left like a residue of these productive encounters, what's important is the process.

or an ak47 idk

DUNG EATER: and when everyone has the monkey pox... noöne will 😎

"views are not mine but are completely subject to the communicative capitalism of my extremist twitter feed"

me: so uhhhh whaddya think of western civilization? lol
the buddha: ohh! thats a spicy meatball!

former steelworker shinzo abe found alive in miami

okay but i feel like a post-copyright winnie the pooh horror film could be pretty sick though. like in a sorta dark crystal / pink floyd the wall style.

YES i am an anarchist
YES i have TSA precheck
YES i have global entry
YES i let them scan my asshole
YES they let me fuck the bioport

"so what you're saying is, biden is 'springtime for hitler' for the democrats"

can't wait to celebrate the world's independence from the concept of america existing. we need YOU to help kill it

thoughts on MAD GOD: my first thought was "this is an 80 minute tool music video." actually that was my second thought too. pretty good one though.

make yourself a fursuit without organs

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