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don't forget to leave a bowl of tequila and skittles out for the local catboys.

and modelo and ammunition for the girls

in a functioning society the #1 cause of death for children should be waterslides

you take the blorb pill, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. you take the morb pill, mew see how dorp the rorbbit morb morbius

injecting twink blood may make you immortal but it doesn't make you immune to bullets, MIT scientists reluctantly conclude

if we have to live in a crumbling dystopic empire where human life has no value i think we should also have a ruling class in constant fear for their lives, as a treat

the youtube-poopification of everyday life

i used to have opinions about Art and Technology but i think they reduce to "computer art is mostly lazy and offensive because computer people are paid a lot to think very little"

sawyer: i never voted democrat
kate: i never voted


sonic is a fake hedgehog invented by Big Autism to sell more fursuits

I just got result 'Texas Red' on quiz 'Which Ownerless character are you?'. What will you get?

*logs on*
*slips over a pool of blood and shredded pixels*

you know the local shrikes have adopted you when they leave freshly owned libs on your digital doorstep 😊

the third arrow on the iron front flag stands for the person holding it

how to make great american art:

1. fill your head/heart with theory and life and read & watch everything voraciously
2. burn out and forget who you are and everything you learned
3. use the wreckage of your life and ghosts of memories as raw materials to synthesize something monstrous

PROTIPS: drink a bowl of spicy instant ramen before your date to get ur lips looking healthy ,

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