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i hear "website boy" in the voice naota's dad calls canti "TV boy" in the english dub of FLCL


new writing from thecatamites:

"here is the distinction that matters to me most: an ethic of service vs an ethic of desire."

"fellas, is it gay to want to show your art to another person?"

his apes: stolen. his smile and optimism: gone

seeing a lot of horny posting on my free software timeline... anyone else encounter this?

EXPECTED BEHAVIOR: timeline is discussing free software

ACTUAL BEHAVIOR: timeline is showing their tits

issue happens semi-randomly but can be easily reproduced by posting "bunny" or "slut wave" in the vicinity of shrike club

my draft toots alternate between autistic deep marxism and stuff like "spooked up youtuber with a little bit of clout busts it down CIA style.. [what kind of 'sauce' couild such a xboy' be "goatedd" with?]mm"

edgelord? no sir, i'm but a lowly edgeserf

renamed myself WarcrimesPupper for some scrappy invasions and suddenly everyone wants a fight club smh

deep underground the original Warcrimes Pupper naps on a great hill of little puppy bodies. even today there are those who reenact the ancient rites, donning furry avatars and thowing themselves upon hills of various sizes. the Warcrimes Pupper rolls over and does a little "uwu~" in its sleep

devaluation of labor (via automation, algorithmic management, etc) seems to have led capitalists to the delusion that they can continue to grow while letting the masses die. this may be true up to a point for individual capitalists as they monopolize more and more of a stagnating economy. but the reality is that capital can't "create" new value without a flow of new wage-earners to extract it from. dead workers don't buy products. and miserable, hyper-alienated workers don't produce new workers.

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money πŸ‘ cannot πŸ‘ become πŸ‘ capital πŸ‘ without πŸ‘ being πŸ‘ exchanged πŸ‘ for πŸ‘ labour πŸ‘ capacity

(economic manuscripts of karl marx 1864 "the direct process of production")

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capitalists, absolutely twisted, doing an immiseration of the working class thru austerity and rent-seeking: mass death is preferable to a decline in the rate of profit πŸ€ͺ

capitalists waking up the next day, remembering that labor is the source of all value and they can't exchange their profits for more capital without a cooresponding growth in the capacity of the working class: surprised-pikachu πŸ™€

sometimes i wonder what the decline in numbers of US military personnel since the gulf war and the increased reliance on mercenaries and drones means for our path to revolution. i don't think you can understand the russian or chinese revolutions without the context of WWI and WW2 ("sino-japanese war"). people make a lot of hay about whether the theories of marx, lenin, & mao apply to post-industrial economies but i think the military differences are even more significant

someone just jogged past blasting BIG SHOT, from a game i have never played, but still recognized in 2 seconds. what a world

i like a girl with a short skirt and a looooong covid

hominids go insane in captivity. humans are hominids. our society is almost entirely captive to the dictates of capital. our task is to change these conditions while actively losing our minds.

where are the moderate ukrainian rebels? πŸ€”

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