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sparks flying in the groupchat today over whether akio and dio are "heterosexual gay men"

whenever i get boosted by people with names like "joe stalin 1917" i think of that bismarck quote about rulers trembling if ever the black & the red should unite. i'm pretty sure that's what he was talking about @deathtoamerica

i'm escaping to the one place that isn't cucked by capitalism... SPAAAAACE!!!

v funny to see this on a consenSys funded industry rag

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CIA Confirms the Rumors: It Really Is Working on Cryptocurrency Projects

"Morell called blockchain technology a "boon for surveillance" in a report, published by the Coinbase- and Square-led Crypto Council for Innovation"

the center of my kin onion is 「 the girl reading this 」

you're tankie, i'm banky. we are not the same

never ask a woman her age... a man his salary... or an anarchist how many signal groups they're in

when i see a kin onion with a character i've heard of on it

silly porn game advertisement 

any maiden chamber enjoyers out there?

No Archive Warnings Apply, Kanaya Maryam/Rose Lalonde, Orbification, Pondering

i wear a special suit that recycles my piss directly into my CPU cooler

just makes me wonder what we'll look back on and say "the US was OBVIOUSLY minutes away from collapsing, how did people even get away with []???"

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then the new cell was taken over by a double agent police spy (yevno azef) who... wait for it... organized the assassination of his own boss in the ministry of the interior 😂

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