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pathetic, boot-licking, undisciplined doge: Rise And Whine
admirable, principled, well-trained doge: Rise And Dine

getting kicked out of the autonomous zone for starting a cult of personality around my pussy

i really want to have a take that's more nuanced than "journalists === cops" because i do understand that bourgeois freedom-of-the-press is historically progressive.

however, i think comparing journalists with cops IS more accurate than labeling them "professional–managerial class." most of the people producing even the fakest of fake news are exploited and don't own the value they create. they're just class traitors.

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My father is currently in the hospital awaiting surgery for a brain tumor. My family and I are looking to cover his recovery and chemotherapy costs. Any donation, even just a dollar, is beyond helpful and deeply appreciated.

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all drama youtubers are "labor journalists" now (don't laugh, applejack!)

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NFT art is bad for the environment, and bad for artists, but critics and supporters of NFT art are both missing a key fact: it's also just bad art. Whether Beeple or Bugmeyer, it's time the stars of the NFT revolution experienced some real art criticism.

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hello everyone. I have finally made one. here is my new sparkledog..plat... OC...sona. thing.

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Spent the last 4 days learning sony vegas and working on this video for my friend @KC

"transformative works" are just works that are formative to trans people

settle an argument: do you drink the cold soba dipping sauce? even if there isn't hot water

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Bo Burnham's movie "Inside" stretches the term "comedy special" to shattering. That breakdown is about more than the Internet, though. It's about our whole way of life and how we connect to each other.

you are all i meow for all i meow meow meow meow meow

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fill my heart with meow and let me meow meow meow meow meow

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Remembered out of nowhere that there is an entire TLD called .frogans, which is reserved for “Frogans sites”

What are Frogans sites? From what I can tell, Frogans is a doomed / cursed project that has been labouring for a decade to pointlessly redesign every web technology, up to and including URLs, so that when you view a Frogans site in the official (still-unreleased) Frogans Player, it will look exactly the same on every device, down to the pixel.

the tesla is the modern sarcophagus, ferrying the rich to their next life in lithium fire

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