alexa how do i say 'simp' in mandarin?

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She was a boy, he was a girl. can I make it anymore obvious.

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hey check out my new video where i talk about a television show joss whedon created and then ruined, but which maybe can be saved from his heterosexual clutches

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Incredible victory as the ILWU Local 10 dock workers in Oakland stood in solidarity with Palestine to block the unloading of an Israeli cargo ship

> hear a ring from the old rotary phone
> race to the attic and blow dust off the receiver

> "h-hello? after your shift let's meet at olive garden??"

> tfw it's just the voice of the self-aware global market
> mfw the phone is unplugged

@kate go ahead, get in 📦
since your ass wanna act cat girl 😼

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hey our fucking two hour long video THE MATRIX SEQUELS ARE GOOD ACTUALLY is going live in ten minutes, y'all should watch it.

cortana, how do i say "based" in mandarin?

please proceed to your police-escorted parade, then go straight home, close the blinds, and enjoy 30 seconds of silent gay sex. hallelujah!

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Depression comix/autistic self loathing 

This is so sloppy lmfao oh well drawing a bunch of geometric shit freehand with a pen is hard

Not as hard as behaving like a functional adult though amiright ha ha

This is the fifth comic I've ever done holy moly

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i think this "joke" has been made here before but i would be overjoyed if history vindicates the dengists and china really does pull out the rug and give us full communism in 2050. prove me wrong, freaks. make all us anarchists look like clowns.

idk the circumstances of covid's origin ARE pretty sus, like there just happened to be an institute studying how to make coronaviruses more infectious in the same city? (funded by the USA i might add)

but also there's no reason to trust *any* source on this matter, and if it's true i'm sure china will deal with it internally. they are pretty good at cracking down on people after all.

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