frontiers is the serious sam of sonic games

you're adorabloodthirsty
i'm optimiserable
we are the same

weed: $69
ammunition: $420
xenococks: $999999
my cat girl militia is dying

women seem wicked
when you're a meow meow
faces look ugly
nya~ meow meow meow

did you know that sleep isn't just a preferable form of consciousness, but can actually help you look and feel better?

twitter should verify you as a bluepill or a redpill or a greypill (🧠) based on what type of racist you are. then the different pill-tribes can fight for territory like /r/place lol wouldn't that be so epic

mastodon can never go down, not while there are german children with FOSS in their hearts. trust the plan.

okay whats crazy about twitter is, why are there so many programs and servers? i'm trrying to search for the part that makes the tweets go but its lagging vscode. this shits garbage i could fix it if i could just find the goddamn main ,main function i swear just a few more hours

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i think if elon tried really hard he could fix twitter. i think if sam bank man went sicko mode he could get that 8billion,. just need an all-nighter and a dream. anythings possible when youre hardcore

i'm glad everyone is having a good time on the internet this week 😊

they should give open world sonic a horse. you know, for when he needs to go slower.

in every time
in every place
Big the Cat
remains the same

*disgraced crypto former-billionaire, tapping out the last of the coke while his harem strips the wiring from their bahamian manse*: i'm sure my lawyers would have advised me to stop tweeting about financial crimes, but i just have a really good feeling about this post. everything is gonna be okay c:

@lichwitch no see the child is a utilitarian so they are totally satisfied by this situation

"our utopia depends on the suffering of one child"
oh no, that sounds so bad!
"the child is a utilitarian"
carry on

@KC *juice dripping down my neck* its an honor and a privilege 🫡

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