what do you call a relationship between someone who takes a job with the intent of organizing a union, and someone who gets ready to survive a disaster?

salt & prepper 馃ぃ

there are no men or women on the internet; only womxn, femboys, and kitty-cat FBI agents

Greenwald and Siskind, Red Scare and Tucker Carlson, Steve Bannon and deep state police spies.

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A spectre is haunting twitter - the spectre of left-right realignment. All the powers of anti-woke PMC backlash have entered into a holy alliance to grift the living shit out of this spectre.

if i ever met a neurotypical i think i would cry

you can go pretty far as a left-adjacent twitter / podcast / substack person by simply upholding the exact opposite of whatever you think the liberal mainstream believes on a given day. but it should be obvious that this has nothing to do with materialism. "elite overproduction" and other laschian concepts are not a theory of history.

also fuck glenn greenwald.

@kate i think this is less true outside the english-speaking discourse

@kate but yeah i think the reason is simply that they have won and have no real opposition

I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by homestuck

i can't believe ted cruz and his family are vacationing on mars rn

let's all prep to become the roving gangs of raiders that preppers are prepping for

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we are, all of us, precipitously close to our 'normal lives' becoming very serious and genuinely mortal disaster. we have to be very clear-eyed about this!

there are no systems in place to save us, they have all been scrapped and sold for salvage. one weather event, one bit of police attention, one weight on the scale鈥e have to prepare.

and a lot of that means getting stronger and more resilient for ourselves and our friends, even (especially) when its hard

mask-off radical liberalism will say "we should abandon red states to freeze cause they're all racists anyway."

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for liberals, the lesson of the last four years was that "the people" are stupid and unworthy of democracy.

here's an NYT opinion piece arguing that literacy and critical thinking are too dangerous to encourage:


@kate The house isn't on fire, that's just the invariant program of the proletariat

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Oh, egads! My revolution is ruined. But...what if I were to continue producing commodities and disguise it as building productive forces? Delightfully dialectical, Seymour!

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