OPTIMIZE ME FOR MOBILE i shout and clench my fists FEDERATE ME FOR METAVERSE on activity sub pub bub y'know what i'm saying STAKE ME FOR COI

thoughts on crimes of the future: i would kill to film léa seydoux eating bacon

ah, problems disorder: the common cold of the Rat Dimension

𝐈𝐭;;𝐬 𝐒𝐩𝐞𝐚𝐤𝐞𝐫 𝐏𝐞𝐥𝐨𝐬𝐢.
i;; mshak ;iin and ccryin andd pissin aand s. ,ihttin.

thiss iisn’t a normal funndra;isin te ,x.t
ij need your imm.,;edaitee attentizon.

your votne,s.. pleas ,,e...
(text stop tto quit)

on that benadryl and adderalllllll
got some cat boys i can call
don't know what i would do without yall
gonna pet you till the day i fall

well? why *don't* you want to transform??

@cryptid little do they know that the same microplastic symbiotes that make us like hyperpop have also evolved to chelate lead ions

it's as a in a holding the 2020 translation of "fundamental principles of communist production and distribution" 2nd edition

@annotatedAmbiguity i don't actually think algorithms have desires in this way but i do think that a lot of people who work on them act like they do, and that this tech ideology is increasingly the ruling ideology. so unfortunately we might have to apply this sort of analysis to understand how people are thinking-with what they understand as "AI"

@annotatedAmbiguity so for text generators what they "want" could be to accurately predict the next most likely word, and what frustrates them would be things that upset the pattern. we could measure lack with the loss function 😂

@annotatedAmbiguity we could look at an algorithm as a sort of tool (maybe a fetish?) that a human is using in an attempt at their desire. but if we're not doing that and we're analyzing the algorithm itself as an agent then why not speculate that it does "want" something? for static models i guess all that feedback would occur during the training

@annotatedAmbiguity i think if the Real is there its in the human operator's (or maybe even the whole collective of people who work on these models) desire for this sort of machinic perfection which always falls short

him: "so, are you a water-based or silicon-based type of person?"
me: he thinks i'm based... 🤭

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divorce post-its 

@prumm prumm i think you're a comic maker

@abraxas ascendant revolutionary party riven by homestuck-based purges

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