beyond the black rainbow is a movie about what happens when your VR game studio starts microdosing for "productivity"

playing a bit of splitgate (pretty fun!). most of the character skins are just generic robot people and there is Her. Epic Babu.

imagine how big and round a trillion-dollar coin would be 😳

hoolee shit i am glad i watched this game. GG san francisco

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i'm not a huge baseball fan but this game is kinda nerve-wracking

@prumm hey by dark souls logic that would probably be a good strat! just lure them into some glitchy geometry

the other night i dreamed that i was exploring lothric castle with the folks from @prumm 's ghostwatch server and they reassured us by promising to "prummify" any monsters we came across. not sure what that means but i'm sure its very effective

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everybody gangsta till "fire is coming" by flying lotus & david lynch comes up on the spotify playlist

@kniferoomba yeah man i've been stuck in this fucking cage since june

china banning crypto again is hilarious but real talk it barely made a dent in the price of BTC & it seems like most miners had already left over the summer cause the hashrate has been stable too :/

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@penny yeah i just sorta had this realization that even my best-case scenerios for how history can progress probably involve lots of very traumatizing events that will effect how people are able to communicate and organize going forward...

research question: what kind of structures should be in place so the requisite violence of doing a revolution doesn't leave people too traumatized to actually participate in building the new society?

"having visions of transcending your ego and shitting yourself in company is a fundamentally different task to building a new world through collective struggle and the dismantling of capitalist realism"

"20- or 30-year-old film essays, made on a lesser budget than some Patreon-havers — feel far more futuristic than passes for radical YouTubing today"

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