someone actually made a piece about "can you have a communist amusement park"

no nut november VS chainsaw man enjoyers, feat. THE HENTAI LORD

me and the boys trying to sneak across the colorado-utah border in 2035

rolling up to my shift at the brighttender comfyqueer burnshit fuckschool factory like

it's as a in a holding the 2020 translation of "fundamental principles of communist production and distribution" 2nd edition

sawyer: i never voted democrat
kate: i never voted


firefox shilling for disney plus on the fucking release notes page

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if you haven't taken a stroll down this lovely website do yourself a favor and check it out.

"A ball with feet is therefore a kind of synthesis of the divine with the material, and could therefore be seen as a kind of 'ultimate lifeform'"

POV: i lured u into my world with my Taunting Tongue

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