playing a bit of splitgate (pretty fun!). most of the character skins are just generic robot people and there is Her. Epic Babu.

the other night i dreamed that i was exploring lothric castle with the folks from @prumm 's ghostwatch server and they reassured us by promising to "prummify" any monsters we came across. not sure what that means but i'm sure its very effective

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badass poster from the soviet commissariat for education: "Books are the source of knowledge. Citizens, protect libraries."

body horror 

partner was telling me about this pony breeding game she used to be into, so we decided to check in and see what a 16th generation pony looks like:

say hello to Bell the opossum, a horrible trash-eating gremlin.

they have Read deleuze.
they have Opinions about free software.

thanks to my partner for bringing them to life :)


"the shrike compels that sort of deference, not unmixed with indignation, we are accustomed to accord to creatures of seeming insignificance whose exploits demand much strength, great spirit, and insatiate love for carnage"

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BIRD NEIGHBORS, an Introductory Aquaintance with One Hundred and Fifty Birds Commonly Found in the Gardens, Meadows, and Woods About Our Homes by Neltje Blanchan (1903)

feat. The Northern Shrike

from my sister! althusser (mostly) sucks but i'm v excited to read Lukács

important message from my partner. keep your paws clean comrades

screenshot of redditor failing to understand disco elysium

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