i have really mixed feelings about the new moxie anti-web3 post. on one hand obviously all his criticisms of NFTs are correct. on the other he literally just added mobilecoin to signal (update the app and look in settings->payments, its there) which suffers from all the same problems. and its really frustrating how he continues to be willfully ignorant about all the work being done on the "no one wants to run servers issue" e.g briar, yggdrasil, p2p matrix, etc.


moxie has just completely leaned into "let the adults who know best control everything." which is great until the signal servers get blocked or backdoored or the "adults" compromise on their own values and get involved in fucking cryptocurrency.

many of the enlightened cryptography-understanders ARE trying to use their knowledge & power to make themselves redundant, and every few years moxie makes a drive-by blog post to shit all over them. whilst swimming in brian acton and mobilecoin money.

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