twitter is enemy territory for everyone who isn't a cop and/or grifter. i really don't care whether the controlled opposition decides to "fact check" itself, except insofar as that gives me information about the current strategic priorities of my enemies

so what does the phenomenon of "fact checking" tell us? i think it tells us that liberal elements of the bourgeoise are disturbed by social costs they think stem from the rapid deterritorialization of the 'news' commodity. these elements are operating in a reactionary mode; attempting to slow the liquidation of media-capital before it can be reterritorialized by competing capitalists, who are (ironically) identified with the reactionary-accelerationist faction. are we witnessing a realignment?

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in other words, blue-team capitalists are thinking, "oh my god! turns out that commodifying all information has social consequences? this might threaten our positions in the media industry! maybe we could add a blue check to information-commodities that don't threaten our interests?"

and red-team capitalists are thinking, "see you in the culture war, losers"

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