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pawfessor of cuteconomics at the luwunar mewniversity

china banning crypto again is hilarious but real talk it barely made a dent in the price of BTC & it seems like most miners had already left over the summer cause the hashrate has been stable too :/

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research question: what kind of structures should be in place so the requisite violence of doing a revolution doesn't leave people too traumatized to actually participate in building the new society?

"having visions of transcending your ego and shitting yourself in company is a fundamentally different task to building a new world through collective struggle and the dismantling of capitalist realism"

"20- or 30-year-old film essays, made on a lesser budget than some Patreon-havers — feel far more futuristic than passes for radical YouTubing today"

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curious article to come across today. i've always been pretty skeptical of "acid communism" & it's interesting to see many of my same reservations expressed by a writer who's public image has a lot to do with defending the legacy of mark fisher

gotta get to sleep early so the 9/11 fairy can visit me 😄
(the 9/11 fairy is dick cheney in a tutu)

MOLDBUG: ...and then the lemur said, "curtis, we need you to sell all our shares in Racist Blogman and start pumping Dead Wifeguy, you hear?"

TUCKER CARLSON: mr. bug, this is fox news

MOLDBUG (mugging the camera): racism is good ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


maybe this is pedantic but i don't really consider greenwald, red scare, etc. to be "post-left" in this sense because they don't seem to have a critique beyond reaction to cultural liberalism, which is only "left" in the most superficial sense.

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i think if there is a coherent tendency within american post-leftism it's acknowledging that the organized left is mostly comprised of democratic party fronts and abusive micro sects and trying to offer a structural critique of how we got here. crimethinc and platypus affiliated society sort of served this purpose in the 90s and 00s and i think both played a role in popularizing communization theory in the US after occupy.

so i guess for me, it's like saying i'm a "realist." additionally, i want to kill god

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i remain an "anarchist" mostly bc i think anarchy is a description of the present state of working class organization & we have to work with what we have

my role on the commune is gonna be to recite the gentle churning of the infinite ocean and maybe care for a single sunflower

i like a girl with a short skirt and a weaaaaaaaaak AT field *girl explodes into orange tang*

FAMOUS CAT RUNS FOR GOVERNOR: ray smuckles populist, "trumpian" ?

mr. smuckles: "do you know what time it is? never call here again!"

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ray smuckles for governor of california

"people want to eat some fuckin' dinner and have some fuckin' money!"

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