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this is mostly a private account, please don't follow request unless we've actually talked or have mutual friends

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pawfessor of cuteconomics at the luwunar mewniversity

WHEN [slurs words] IS UNDER ATTACK, WHAT DO WE DO??? BITE AND ATTACK AND BITE AND ATTACK AND BITE AND ATTACK AND BITE AND ATTACK AND BITE AND ATTACK AND [i am escorted from the womens march by three sickly ex-ISO members]

*walking into a Human Upgrade Labs storefront* hi can you make it so i dont have to do dishes or clean my bathroom?

biohacking specialist: sir this is for sex trafficking

Oh, ye Gods! My society is ruined! But what if I were to develop technology and disguise it as the solution to social problems? 😈

i need 10,000 signatures by TOMORROW or my REPUBLICAN WIFE will LEAVE ME. donate $5 now to FUCK MY WIFE

the CIA diversity and inclusion people could learn something from FOXHOUND. they've got:
- english accent
- revolver ocelot
- dead guy
- alaskan native
- woman
- psycho mantis
- comic relief weeb (shitting)

i feel like coffee gets a stat boost if i drink it out of an orange or yellow mug

*sussy music manager entreating naive rock star to have a cigar and learn the dirty business*

and did we meow meow meow meow meow meow meow, boy?
we call that mrow meow meow meowww

before you beat the capea demon you hadf to win his dj content

any of you germans feel like making letterboxd for activitypub so i can optimize my engagement or something? just think about it. what if movies were Posts

having to refrain from wishing random people "merry 9/11" increasing my mental stess today


from one sussy baka to another... now THIS is epic

under communism everyone will be someone's poor little meow meow

siri, what is the vaporization point for flesh?

current inventory:
1 shotgun (tranquilizer bead shells)
1 vape (homebrew frog juice)
1 bucket hat (stuffed with moss)
1 cardboard box (it's just a box)

like a starship
flying for the very first time
like a starship
with your tentacles next to mine

my hot traddaughter bellicosina has been shamefully assassinated by agents of the aquaman. the sea-dwelling rogues will never taste my Eurasian soil!

anxious ground creature
shivering in the snow
where do u get
ur many hormones?

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