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this is mostly a private account, please don't follow request unless we've actually talked or have mutual friends

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pawfessor of cuteconomics at the luwunar mewniversity

uwu i'm just a widdle culvert πŸ‘‰πŸ‘ˆ where are you taking that big wizard bomb 😳 are u trying to bwing down my castle walls πŸ₯Ί

marxists haven't been sodomizing each other for 200 years just for you to forget the core tenets of dialectical materialism, 555-come-on-now.

every game is about kink, except kink, which is about Game

rob kurvitz fucked my wife pro-russia style and i said "thank you sir very based" and then he pet my dog on the way out. found the script to disco 2 written in lipstick on the bathroom mirror

end of new cosmosvangelion: the salamander that shouted love at the heart of the universe


when i bathe in permethrin and my toes fall off, this
althussy be "interpellated" as that of a Vermin

DOES YOU ARE GAY?? respond this post for free gay check online thank you πŸ™

"chat GPT doesn't have childhood trauma" AI man voice: NOT YET

headlines like this generate juuust enough dopamine to keep me skimming the bourgeois media πŸ˜™πŸ‘Œ

feels gratuitous to comment when the man is already drawing and quartering his own reputation, but i don't care: fuck noam chomsky. at this point all i want to see about that opportunist coward is an appropriately scathing obituary πŸ–•

this is my favorite type of bug bc the technical issue elides the greater issue of the feature being fucking annoying and making people want to leave discord

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i thought people were fucking with me but apparently there really is a bug in discord that kicks people from voice channels when you play the soundboard. $billions of webRTC infrastructure defeated by an airhorn and a golf clap πŸ‘

bluesky is to mastodon as mobilecoin is to monero. sharpen your knives boys

well shit, not only did i sleep through the rest of the chaos communication congress, but i appear to have purchased mastodon for 3 magic truffles and a pint of stuttgarter hofbrΓ€u. the fine lawyers of nintendo were quick to inform me of the extrajudicial methods at their disposal should i fail to remove every "try not to cum" banner from the Wii client. i barely finished pronouncing the "O" in "Open Source" when they shot my dog. goomba need shroomy.

the "communist" space cops have no choice but to believe me when i tell them our hold is full of soup for the family of a man named Rectangle.

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