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this is mostly a private account, please don't follow request unless we've actually talked or have mutual friends

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pawfessor of cuteconomics at the luwunar mewniversity

I just got result 'Texas Red' on quiz 'Which Ownerless character are you?'. What will you get?

*logs on*
*slips over a pool of blood and shredded pixels*

you know the local shrikes have adopted you when they leave freshly owned libs on your digital doorstep 😊

the third arrow on the iron front flag stands for the person holding it

how to make great american art:

1. fill your head/heart with theory and life and read & watch everything voraciously
2. burn out and forget who you are and everything you learned
3. use the wreckage of your life and ghosts of memories as raw materials to synthesize something monstrous

PROTIPS: drink a bowl of spicy instant ramen before your date to get ur lips looking healthy ,

overheard in the parking lot-

older man: "all i'm saying is, i never seen one of them without a rear end"

young guy, flapping excitedly: "thaaaat's culture!"

guess they just discovered femboys

hacker goes on hacker news, says they're depressed. hacker news:

"One of the symptoms of low total testosterone is depression in males."

"Plug for Lacanian psychotherapy.
Lacanians are focused, disciplined, and smart."

"I believe the sociologists of the future are going to look back at this era and cite the manifest lack of meaning in human life as source of the ennui that is the subject of this thread."

ergo proxy 

STATUS REPORT: the show is gay

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i'm tired of being a deep-cover time traveller from the communist future, can i go home now

althusser's entire oeuvre probably qualifies

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what are some other hall-of-fame theoretical infohazards on the order of the "accelerate the process" passage in anti-oedipus?

WTF!? Sleepy Joe Biden declassifies list of Prophet's successors - #12 will SHOCK you inshallah

"Not a joke" that exquisite wives and mothers in are naming their children "Lil Gazebo" and "Yung Britannia," according to @SCROTUS

Hm, it’s maybe not appropriate for an European to correct you on this, but don’t have the Momeraths some quasi-Jubjub in their borogoves and absolutely no spare mimsy on top of the Tumtum frabjority?

am i nuts for thinking that they're giving the christian right this victory in part to get the population back up after covid

i got mcdonalds last night and had a long conversation with an extremely high cashier about a genderfluid spider that lived on her window

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