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pawfessor of cuteconomics at the luwunar mewniversity

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ph, e-begging, dental, boosts appreciated 

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instead of doing ANY of the things i should be doing, i wrote 1500 words of a godfeels roadtrip au fic

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the intellectual foundation for Zionism, relies on you believing the lie that Palestine was a "land without people for a people without land"

every day since the Nakba (the forced expulsion over 80% of arab Palestinian inhabitants), the zionist settler colonial state works to erase the Palestinian people, to starve them out, to make it as if they were never there

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i like how the wikipedia page for the french fifth republic says 'The Fifth Republic will overtake the Third Republic as the second-longest-lasting regime and the longest-lasting French republic if it survives to July 11, 2028'. together we can prevent this!

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During this present heyday of 鈥渕isinformation bad鈥 and social media Official Fact Checks I鈥檓 remembering the time the Washington Post fact checked bernie saying three people have more wealth than the bottom half of Americans by saying 鈥渨ell actually the bottom half of Americans have no wealth at all so this is a lie鈥

in other words, blue-team capitalists are thinking, "oh my god! turns out that commodifying all information has social consequences? this might threaten our positions in the media industry! maybe we could add a blue check to information-commodities that don't threaten our interests?"

and red-team capitalists are thinking, "see you in the culture war, losers"

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so what does the phenomenon of "fact checking" tell us? i think it tells us that liberal elements of the bourgeoise are disturbed by social costs they think stem from the rapid deterritorialization of the 'news' commodity. these elements are operating in a reactionary mode; attempting to slow the liquidation of media-capital before it can be reterritorialized by competing capitalists, who are (ironically) identified with the reactionary-accelerationist faction. are we witnessing a realignment?

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twitter is enemy territory for everyone who isn't a cop and/or grifter. i really don't care whether the controlled opposition decides to "fact check" itself, except insofar as that gives me information about the current strategic priorities of my enemies


bro broteenth bromare bro brobrolean bronabart

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馃幍 I'm a zoomer
馃幍 I'm a doomer
馃幍 I'm a midnight coomer

the identity-as- deck building and relationships-as-play metaphors in signs of the sojourner are so effective! it's a wonderful game

based? cringe? i'm the guy with the content.

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GOOD MORNING Worm, your honor!

The crrrrown will plainly show
the prisoner who now SSSTANDS before you
was caught red-handed
posting HOT-TAKES

posting hot takes of an almost DIRTBAG nature!

this will not do!

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Hi I鈥檓 an unemployed trans woman who moved to Seattle from Texas this year & as it gets closer to winter I鈥檓 quickly figuring out tht I do not have the right clothing for the conditions (cold & rain.) If you could spare anything it would help a lot$abwaxas

i advocate a "revolutionary defeatist" stance on bimbofication

now that the dems can't use cringe anti-fascism as a wedge against trump, they will turn their sights on based anti-fascism, aka us. the dialectic rolls on

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hey so whos interested in a homestuck usb stick

lime green
screenprinted white

like either 拢11 or 拢7 depending on how many people are interested plus postage

design draft below

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