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this is mostly a private account, please don't follow request unless we've actually talked or have mutual friends

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pawfessor of cuteconomics at the luwunar mewniversity

come on baby lick it baby lick it some more. and lick it some more. and lick it some more. and

ah, i see that we are capable of understanding each other... good, good. my condolences. what broke you?

Yo▯⁩ur accou⁩▯nt is m▯⁩issi▯⁩ng som⁩▯e in▯⁩fo t▯⁩hat we ne▯⁩ed to c⁩▯ompl▯⁩y with fina▯⁩ncia▯⁩l reg▯⁩ula▯⁩tions.

never underestimate the magical potential of tentacle-based camaraderie

*raising my hand at re-education labor camp* okay i can agree that the history of MOST of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggle, but i think a good 5 or 10% is actually the history of catboy fever, especially as pertains to the rise and fall of empires,

scrappy doo found suck'd off in the upsidedown

damn girl are you the protagonist of an MS Paint adventure cause i'd like to Be you

i'm sure i'm preaching to the choir on this open-sourced FOSS-site but adobe can suck my balls in the nightmare matrix. some asshole installed premiere on my laptop like 3 years ago and promptly forgot his login. did you know that creative cloud won't let you uninstall apps unless you're online and logged in?? unless you download their fucking registry cleaner and run as admin?? how do people even USE computers 😖

damn girl you pilot a mech with that body?

im gonna make a sincere post later but HAPPY NEW YEAR to all faggots esoteric and otherwise 😘😘😘😘

i can't believe my boyfriend is a jojo reference (gay)

boys have iframes
girls have hyperarmor

*smirks in passive poise*

she boop! on my snoot! like corn! on the cob!

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you talk a big game for someone with such a boopable snoot

for only $69 you can Stretch 4 inchis and Sip upon premium drinkis

LRT: "If there is ever a term that, once applied to somebody, immediately justifies any and all violence directed at them for the rest of their lives; then that term must be precise and bound [...] It is unacceptable for us to derive our morals from a term as incredibly vague as "abuser" [...] once "abuser" became a word that immediately justified violence, people began applying the term to anybody they wished to be hurtful towards"

good post

a whimsical solarpunk noblebright christmas to EVERYONE, especially my fellow judeo-bolsheviks

poem found while dog sitting:
"Hiphop reinder"

reinder working
for the claus
Love there hiphop
just because.
eight little reinder
hey thats a lot of
Legs. eghite little reinder.
Love there hiphop grove. ♥

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