Boost this post, to turn a random cis boy into a catgirl.

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Just saw an ad from a woodworking company that read "Knotty or Nice." Clearly the business is not run by furries 😅

they should give open world sonic a horse. you know, for when he needs to go slower.

It's an Utada Hikaru, "Simple and Clean -PLANITb Remix- (Short Edit)" kind of night.

Last night I dreamt that I met my middle school bully later in life, and he realized that he had been in love with me for years. The rest of the dream was spent cuddling and being extremely cute. Upon waking, I was desperately sad, but also immediately repulsed, as this person had no redeeming qualities and did terrible things to me in real life.

Also significant is that I never, *never* remember my dreams. I can only conclude that my brain is attempting to kill me with emotions alone...

Why is iBooks the best ebook reader?

I don’t want to like iBooks. I don’t want to own an iPad just so I can use iBooks. There is phenomenal free-and-open-source software in this world, whose mission statements boil down to ‘this paid program, but better.’

So why has nobody duplicated iBooks? Why is every FOSS ebook reader out there either too simple or too complicated, and all of them ugly as sin? Why do I have to give Apple my soul just to read a damn book on a screen without vomming?


The pressures of this world just don't seem to matter as much when you're floating in the warm salt waters of the gulf of Mexico.

... there's no hidden meaning to this or anything, this is just me tooting relaxedly from a beach in Florida lol

i think my concept of "revolutionary art" is work produced by a community where the primary "audience" and subject is also that community. art that people make together to better understand some material system or as part of a collective process of healing. or maybe even art that functions as an invitation to be in community with others. even if there is a tangible artifact (a book, a film, etc.) left like a residue of these productive encounters, what's important is the process.

or an ak47 idk

TFW your app drawer has an exactly even number of apps in it, and adding another app would create a new row, so in order to install a new app, you must delete an old one.

When a small child loudly asks their parents "Was that guy a boy or girl?" as they pass you in the park, you know you've reached genderfluidity homeostasis.

T/W: suicide

Wrote out a hypothetical suicide note tonight, more as an exercise than anything. Only takeaway:

"The is terribly written. Guess I have to stick around at least until I can write a decent note 😂"

Miss me with that Big Chungus energy. We accept Smol Chungus only 🐰

Lonely on the 8's

Current conditions: Lonely

Tonight: Severe Loneliness Watch

Tomorrow: Still Lonely

7 Day Extended Forecast: Lonely, becoming lonelier later in the week.


William Butler Yeets: a poet with Tourette's syndrome who throws his pen across the room as he's writing.

... Or a Midwestern mispronunciation. Take your pick 😛

Me: "I hate interacting with people, socializing is the worst, fuzzy blankets and video games are all I need!"

Also me: reads a fluffy webcomic about a 4-way gay poly relationship and literally cries for an hour because I'll never get to cuddle that many people in my whole life (T_T)

Is the quirked up Undertale generation goatmom'd in the sauce?

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